Hypolipidemic, Hepatoprotective and Anti-inflammatory Role of Chios Mastic gum in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Mice with Fatty Liver Disease

Aspasia Tzani, Evanthia Bletsa, Ilias P Doulamis, Laskarina-Maria Korou, Panagiotis Konstantopoulos, Ioannis S Vlachos, Ioannis Georgiadis, Despina N Perrea



Aim: Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a major form of chronic liver disease and it is highly prevalent in patients in patients with diabetes mellitus. Chios Mastic gum (CMG) is known for its antioxidant and its potential hypolipidemic effects. This study sought to investigate the role of CMG in metabolic profile and liver histology in an animal model of NAFLD.
Material and Methods: A total of 37 streptozotocin-induced diabetic 12-week-old male C57bl/6 mice were allocated into the following groups: Control group (n=13), LdM (n=12) animals receiving low dose mastic for 8 weeks (20 mg/Kg of body weight), HdM (n=12) animals receiving high dose mastic (500 mg/Kg BW) for the same period. Serum lipid and glucose levels were determined at baseline and at 4 and 8 weeks (end of experiment). Serum adiponectin, resistin and interleukin-6 levels were also measured at baseline and at the end of the experiment. Histopathological examination for liver was performed.
Results: After 4 weeks, CMG administration resulted in decreased serum glucose and triglyceride levels in both LdM and HdM groups. At the end of the experiment, LdM presented significantly lower serum glucose and ameliorated lipidemic profile compared with control group. Adiponectin and resistin levels at the end of the experiment did not differ between control and both treated groups, while interleukin-6 was significantly lower in LdM group compared with the control group. Hepatic steatosis observed in control group was partially reversed in both CMG groups.
Conclusions: CMG administration in low dosages improves metabolic disturbances and exerts anti-inflammatory properties in diabetic mice while alleviating hepatic damage.

Keywords: Chios mastic gum, diabetes, lipid metabolism, mice, non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease, interleukin-6