Levels of Platelet Activating Factor and its metabolic enzymes in HIV-infected, naive male patients

V.D. Papakonstantinou, M. Chini, G.M. Stamatakis, N. Mangafas, N. Tsogas, E. Fragopoulou, P. Gargalianos, S. Antonopoulou, C.A Demopoulos, M-C Lazanas



HIV infection is characterized by immune activation and inflammation and HIV patients have a great risk to develop several morbidities such as cardiovascular disease. Eight naïve, male, asymptomatic HIV-infected patients that did not meet the criteria for antiretroviral therapy initiation were assigned to the study for 12 months and Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) levels and its key metabolic enzymes were determined. The results display stable PAF levels and enzymes’ activity during the study. These data indicate a stable inflammatory profile and come in accordance with the guidelines regarding the lack of need for antiretroviral therapy to these patients. Monitoring PAF levels and metabolic enzymes, in parallel with the use of PAF inhibitors, could probably improve the quality of life in HIV-infected naïve patients by preventing the inflammatory manifestations of HIV infection.

Keywords: PAF, PAF-CPT, lyso-PAF-AT, PAF-AH, Lp-PLA2, Inflammation, Non-AIDS morbidities, naïve, HIV infection