The Journal of Atherosclerosis Prevention and Treatment is a peer-re­viewed academic journal which publishes all sources papers concerned with research and investigation on atherosclerosis, its complications, and related diseases, including: Lipoprotein metabolism, arterial and vascu­lar biology and disease, thrombosis, inflammation, dis­orders of lipid transport diabetes and hypertension as related to atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular risk fac­tors.

The editors are also interested in clinical papers dealing with case studies of specific or general inter­est, new or unusual lipid syndromes, and the genetic basis and familial incidence of atherosclerosis and re­lated diseases. High quality reports of controlled clin­ical trials of drugs or diets will be considered provid­ed the paper deals with the mechanism of action of the drug or diet.

The Journal of Atherosclerosis Prevention and Treatment is the official scientific journal of the Hellenic Atherosclerosis Soci­ety. Its main objective is the continuous education of scientists of various disciplines including Medical doc­tors, Biologists, Biochemists, Dieticians, etc. in various topics related to the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treat­ment of atherosclerosis.